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Our Story

The African Youths International Development Foundation (AFYIDEF) is a Nigerian-based organization that works to promote the socio-economic development of young people and foster peace and co-existence in Africa. AFYIDEF focuses on a range of issues that impact young people, including natural resources and conflict, climate change, and peace education. The organization works closely with experts, international bodies, and all levels of government to support young people and promote sustainable development. In addition to its work on these issues, AFYIDEF also supports the UN's World Programme of Action for Youth and organizes events and activities that engage young people in topics such as conflict prevention, peace education, the environment, sustainable development, election monitoring, entrepreneurship, globalization, culture, and drug abuse. Through its programs and initiatives, AFYIDEF aims to provide young people with opportunities to learn, network, and share best practices on important issues. By supporting the development of young people, AFYIDEF hopes to foster a more peaceful and prosperous Africa.


African Youth International Development Foundation (AFYIDEF) scope of operations covers every community in the fifty four (54) countries of Africa.
AFYIDEF specializes in providing sustainable development projects funding and technology support interventions.
AFYIDEF creates workable bottom-up synergies that succinctly ensure the active collaboration of relevant sustainable development projects funding stakeholders that power the most appropriate and very swift strategies that are configured for raising large amounts of required sustainable development projects funds, as well as, attracting technology support to sustainable development projects anywhere on the African continent.
Projects that AFYIDEF provides funding and technology interventions for must concern youths and have positive multiplier effects on the immediate economies of the youths of the benefiting communities, in addition to, considerably improving upon the GDP of the benefiting country.
Membership of AFYIDEF is open to all Africans.
Aims and Objectives of AFYIDEF
1. To initiate and execute programmes that will benefit the youths
2. To present ourselves as good ambassadors of Africa by promoting continental integration and harmonious co-existence of diverse communities in African society.
3. To fight and discourage corruption, cultism, child abuse, stigmatization of people living with HIV/AIDS, violence, drug and human trafficking by organizing symposia, seminars, conference and workshops in all part of Nigeria, neighboring communities in Africa; and to promote continental development.
4. To assist the needy such as; widows, the aged parents, orphanage homes, and the less privileged (ones) financially and materially in Africa.
5. To organize public enlightenment campaigns against youth’s restiveness in Africa.
6. To mobilize resource for the promotion of love, unity and peaceful co-existence among Africa communities.
7. To promote the struggle for the education and protect rights of the girl child, gender equality, and rights of children, especially the disabled in Africa
8. To raise funds from members, corporate organizations, philanthropists, international donor agencies and through government support programmes for the smooth running of the foundation.
9. To establish links with international and regional NGO’s in obtaining necessary technological expertise and materials in order to achieve the network objectives in Africa.
10. To organize educational seminars on health within and among African States and across the global World, by working with other health institutions- such as; WHO, UNO, American Society on Micro Biology, TY Danjuma Foundation, etc.
11. To liaise with international bodies in carrying humanitarian and voluntary services in time of out break of diseases, war, natural disasters and emergency situations.
12. To develop and train African Youths and members on how to contribute to the economic development of their countries in with regards to career prospects in socio-economic and cultural development.
13. To assist in the organization of rural youth forum towards the development of skill acquisition, in arts and culture, and self empowerment.
AFYIDEF Membership Benefits
• It equips you for good leaders of tomorrow by making people feel that they are at the very heart of things not at the periphery.
• Qualification to participate in seminars and conferences both locally and internationally
• Rendering international youth’s services
• Associating and relating with other youths both in Nigeria and international
• Opportunity to become African Youth Ambassador; with award of international certificate and international ID card
• Qualification for a good track record to serve and to be appointed into public offices for purpose leadership if the need arises
• Qualification as youth’s representation or nominee to hold any political flag or offices
• In time with No. 2 above, it makes you eagles that equip possess an uncommonly great attitude and also equip other to lead
• It gives opportunity to influence the opinions and actions of others
• It gives idea for initiatives and creativity it will bring out the vision in you and also makes you to be more focused
• It will make you to be more intelligent and knowledgeable
Why Choose Us

Why you should join AYIDEF


1. The opportunity to get involved in important causes and make a positive impact in your community apnd the world.

2. Access to educational programs and workshops that teach young people about the political process and how they can get involved.

3. The chance to network and meet other young people who are passionate about making a difference.

4. The opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience that can help you in your future career.

5. The chance to have your voice heard and make a difference on the issues that matter to you.

6. Access to resources and support from experienced mentors and leaders within the organization.

7. The chance to be part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are committed to making a positive impact