Geneva Peace Week 2019 Details

Geneva Peace Week 2019 Details

The event will outline Youth Approaches to Preventing and Resolving Violent Conflict and Building Peace, how youths can be change agents and positive influence on their peers. It will help the youths to see the need to protect their communities against violence as a way of crime prevention and their future. It will also give another opportunity to AFYIDEF to continue with its role in preaching the word Peace to the youth and in turn reduce violent:

  1. Youth Action in Peace Building and Conflict Resolution launched at Geneva Peace Week 2016, and
  2. Our online campaign on Peer to Peer (P2P) Facebook Global Digital Challenge tagged: Say No to Violence Extremism.
  3. Also, our plan is to imbibe Peace in youths and make Peace their watchword

The event will be an opportunity to discuss achieving peace through negotiations and Dialogue, Raising global support for refugees and IDPs and protecting the vulnerable especially Women /Children. And reducing youth involvement in violence. To reinforce the participation of youth at local level, particularly in urban settings, so as to engage them as meaningful actors of peace and community development and prevent violence affecting them.  Reducing Youth Involvement in Violence – What can the World Do to discourage Youth Participations in Violence in Africa and other parts of the world, Global Sensitization & Mobilization of Youths Against Violence – Securing Commitment and Global Partnership of Interest Groups to Commence a Global Campaign Against Violence.

The outcome will be forwarded to the Secretariat to facilitate necessary actions by Leaders. This way, we believe that the Side Event will directly influence commitment to global peace and advancing priorities and objectives of Geneva Peace Week. The key thing that will be discussed is the Impact of violence on Youth Development and Economy. Don’t miss this side event it’s going to be fully packed.







Dr Tunji John Asaolu

Nigerian Representative/ Bureau of Advisor, African Union Economic Social and Cultural Council

Abuja, Nigeria

Hon. Shaban Sharada

Chairman, House Committee on National Security & Intelligence, National Assembly Complex

Abuja,  Nigeria

Dr Abozer Elmana Elligal

Europe Director, Ma’arij Foundation for Peace & Development 

Geneva, Switzerland

Mr Khalid Boudali

President, De l’Association Internationale dela paix pour le development et la solidarite


Cassablanca, Morocco

Ms. Opeyemi Marcellina Aderinto

Country Director, African Youth International Development Foundation (AFYIDEF)

Abuja, Nigeria

Pst Timothy Ademola

Director, African School of Diplomacy and International Relations.


Abuja, Nigeria

Mr Fatai Ogundana

Deputy Executive Director, AFYIDEF. 


Abuja, Nigeria

Mr Joseph Reis  


Coordinator, Ma’arij Foundation for Peace & Development  

Geneva, Switzerland

Mr Idris Ogunwolu 


Lagos State Coordinator, AFYIDEF

Lagos, Nigeria

Mr Tunde Oladiti    


Asst Lagos State Coordinator, AFYIDEF

Lagos, Abuja, Nigeria

Oladele John Nihi


Commissioner, Pan-African Youth Union

Abuja, Nigeria

Akin Richard Adetula 


Program Officer, AFYIDEF

Abuja, Nigeria



Date: 4th November 2019

Time: 11:15am to 12:30

Venue: GCSP Conference Room Geneva, Switzerland




Nigeria Country Director,

African Youth International Development Foundation




Coordinator, Ma’arij Foundation for Peace & Development, Switzerland


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